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API data required from Paypal account for your Video Site

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Data required from a Paypal account to get payments with your Video Site powered by LiveGiving



1-Login to your Paypal account

Login to your Paypal merchant account and go to the Profile Summary page:




2-click on the API access menu on the left column:





3- Click on “Enable Express Checkout” and select the “accept” option






4-Return to the API menu and click on option 2 to see the API info required by LiveGiving system.






5-Click on option 2 "View API certificate"  to see the API info required by LiveGiving system.




6-Copy the API parameters:

Copy API username, API password and Signature and send them to the LiveGiving support team.

( support [at] livegiving dot tv), without any space: Api username, API password, Signature.

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